We want to introduce you to our Adassa brand of products.

Our ingredients are locally sourced, made fresh to order, has no preservatives, soy and dairy free.  We use all natural plant-based ingredients.

Our Multi-purpose seasoning can be added to your soups, stews, burgers, dressings, popcorn, gravy, salads. It is cholesterol and fat free.

Our Vegan Omelet is grain free, soy, egg and dairy free and contains no preservatives.  It is a healthy and nutritious protein to add to your breakfast or any meal you choose and is very easy to make.   

We recently added our Maple Almond Granola.  It is very delicious and can be had for breakfast, or just as a snack.  It is very filling and contains lots of nuts and seeds that will keep you full for many hours.

You will realize that all our products are very versatile and can be used in many different ways to add variety to your cooking.  

In addition to our Adassa brand of products, we have two books to offer.  They are as follows:

Order your products or books today. You will not regret it.  See you at checkout.

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