DRD Simple Recipes Cookbook

For many persons, preparing plant-based meals is challenging because they don’t know what to prepare and they are unable to properly supply the needs of their family. With these things in mind, we have prepared this cookbook for you in an effort to make your life much easier. 

Enjoy the simple recipes that will have you out of the kitchen in record time.  We also know that you can find most of these ingredients already in your kitchen.

The cookbook is available on Amazon.  Please choose your Amazon location from the link below. 

Amazon Links for the Cookbook: Choose your location and Kindle or Paperback option.  You can also check our Store for more information on the eBook.

Happy Cooking!!

While you are here, check out our other books.  Make Christian's Journey your journey too, then add another dimension to your life by keeping a daily journal of your walk with the Lord.  

A Christian's Journey

A Christian’s Journey was written to help anyone who desires to pursue deeper devotion and a zeal to do God’s will. This journey cannot be made overnight as you will see. It takes time, yet we will not always have “time”.  Today is the day to act. Today is your day of salvation.

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                           Daily Journal:  Dear God...

Amazon Links for Daily Journal

We sometimes forget how the Lord has led us in the past but if we have it documented, we can always go back and read about it.  Why not write down your blessings and the Lord's leading in your life on a daily basis?  

At the beginning of each page are the words, "Dear God and Father..."

We endeavour to assist you by giving you this personal Daily Journal in these two colours.  Our hard cover journals are only available at Amazon.com and our paperback journals can be found at both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca 

My Camporee Journal

Everyone will agree that camping can be fun.  You get to spend time in nature with family and friends and get to really connect with nature.

Take this journal along with you to your next camp and document your daily experiences.  Write about those you meet, your first-time encounters, your challenges and even your faith walk.  Make this book your best camp friend and you will have memories for life.

Masterguide Devotional Journal

One of the requirements for the Masterguide program is keeping a daily devotional journal.  We have made it easy for you by preparing this Devotional Journal that you can use in completing this requirement.

Once you have completed your requirement, we are sure you will want to continue documenting your devotional experience and there are more than enough pages included for you to do so.  You can also use it as your gratitude journal to give thanks for all the good things that the Lord has done for you in your faith walk.