Take Charge of your health 

Imagine your life without pain, without sickness, without disease. Imagine your life without brain fog, constant headaches, fatigue. What would life be like if you were full of energy? What if you had a clear mind and no debilitating aches and pains to hold you back?

This is your chance to have that life. This is your opportunity to work with us and choose your health.

**Please complete the Consultation Request below with the type of consultation you would like to have.  You can also book the date that is convenient for you from our calendar below.**


The Full Package 

Have you ever wished there was someone who will listen to you as you talk about your medical concerns?  We are here for you and we will listen. We offer One-on-one confidential consultations for all health conditions.  We also offer in home care and training. 

Also, this is for you if you want to work on your personal health goals and need support to achieve success.  We assist persons with Weight Loss, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stress Management, Cancer, to name a few.

Our Package includes:

The 30 minute follow up sessions are designed to provide  you with step by step support and resources to achieve your health goals and to ensure that the plan is working for you.  

For information about Cancer consultation, please contact us directly.

Consultation Request

Please tell us which of our progams you are interested in (Full Consultation Package, Nutrition Counselling, Health Eating Habits, Exercises to Heal, Natural Remedies, Health Talk, Shop Assist, Detox)

Home Treatment

Join us in the tranquil county of North Frontenac, Ontario where you can relax, learn and heal.

We offer different treatment modalities for various lifestyle medical conditions including but not limited to: Consultation with Naturopathic Doctor, Hydrotherapy, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Lifestyle Lectures, Counselling, Detox, Plant-based cooking to name a few.

Contact us for available dates

Package Includes

8 days and 7 nights

Cost $1,400.00

2 interviews (1 with a Naturopathic Doctor)

1 Counselling session

Private room and bathroom

Daily Health Talks

Meal preparation - Learn how to prepare plant-based meals

Herbal teas

Detox - Juices x 2 days



Contrast baths

Russian steam bath- if necessary

Fever baths - if necessary

Massage x 2

Monitored exercise sessions - daily


Food Planning or Pantry Makeover

This 60 minute session is designed for persons who are interested in changing to a plant-based diet and need help in meal preparation, proper food combination for better nutrient absorption and recipes.  We also offer a complete Pantry Makeover where we assist you in stocking the items you will need for your new journey.

Detox Program or Enema

Do you feel the need to have a detox? During our detox program you will be given a specialized program based on your health needs and will be supervised (via telephone or video or in person ) for the duration of the program. You will be supported with all the resources you need as you make this important step in regaining or boosting your health. The enema is offered for persons who are not having regular bowel movements and want a new start.

Shop Assist

For those clients who want to make the change to a plant-based diet, we offer a “Shop Assist” program.  We will accompany you to the grocery store to assist you in choosing foods that will best suit your diet.

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