Who We Are

DRD Natural Health offers online and in person health consultation, training, meal planning, plant-based cooking and many more. We promote a healthy lifestyle which can be achieved through the use of simple changes that will not overwhelm the system or the individual. 

We want to help you make the right health choices by using the simple things in nature such as  healthy eating, exercising, getting enough rest, trust in the Divine, fresh air, and plenty of water.

Do you want to Live a Healthy Life? Contact us to find out how.

We can give you the tools you need to experience good health. We believe our bodies are resilient and given the right environment, it can heal itself. Through simple diet and lifestyle changes you can experience a full, happy and healthy life.

Meet The Nutritionist 

Rosetta Dodd

Rosetta has always been an educator. Her love for teaching led her to purse a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Although she worked in the business field for over 20 years, she was always interested in health. She is a trained Medical Missionary and over the years has done many health presentations to groups, families and individuals and also assisted at Health Fairs in many communities. Rosetta’s love for health led to a career change and she pursued a course as a Natural Nutritionist where she is more equipped to share her wealth of knowledge. When Rosetta isn’t teaching, she enjoys sewing, crocheting, playing the piano and gardening.

"I've been struggling to get healthy and nothing seems to work. "


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